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What's your name? Roman A. Hidalgo
Where you from? London, ON ~> Canada
How old are you? 17
How long have you been a fan of LP for? Since Nov-Dec '00
When was this site created? On Tuesday, July 17th, 2001
Why did you wait this long to make an LP site? Because I was lazy before, and now I am not!
Are you obsessed with LP? No I am not, I'm just a BIG fan!!
Have you ever met LP? Yes, in detroit for the LPU meet and greet, it was awesome!
What's your fav. LP song? I don't really have a favorite one, I just get obsessed with a specific song on a rotation basis.
Who is your fav. LP band member? I don't have one because they are all FREAKIN' talented!
What's you beef? When lil girls start liking LP just because they say they are hot!! I hate them teeny boppers, they are trying to turn LP into a 'boy band'!! I'm so sick & tired of them.. it's about the music!!!!!! <~for those of you who misunderstood this.. I'm just saying..dont JUST like them because you want them..ofcourse you can think they are hot or whatever..just don't like them for the one reason; you think they're hot!
What are some of your other fav. bands? Orgy, Adema, Simplistic and LOTS more!!!
Do you have any other sites? Yes, I have a personal one which is @ & an adema community which is @ 
Are you an LPU member? Yeah,
How do I become an affiliate? E-mail me, and tell me!!(look at the bottom of the page to contact me)

You want me to answer more questions?? well then.. Just give me a shout and I'll put it up as soon as possible!


~>In Detroit, MI USA @ The Cobo Arena on February 4th 2002 .:PROJEKT REVOLUTION TOUR

I wish I would have brought my digital camera, the pictures would have turned out so much better, but it's too bad and too late! But I'm alright with these pix, plus the concert was awesome!!

Here are my pictures from when I got to meet linkin park, thanx to the Linkin Park Underground! My camera must have gotten screwed up from the heat in the mosh pit or something, that's why there's red/green/yellow in some of the pix! Well in the first 2 pictures, it's just pix of the table of where they were signing stuff, then it's Mike looking like Mighty Mouse! Then Phoenix, he looks a bit pissed off, even though he wasn't because when I met him he was alright, the pic is just bad, then it's Rob, he must of been hanging out with cypress hill before the meet and greet, it sure looks like it, then there is Joe & Brad, I didn't really get to talk to them, I didn't get a very good picture either and the last one is of Chester, I swear when I took that pic that he was looking at the cam, but I guess I was wrong, he's signing my cd tho. Here is my signed cd booklet(the 2nd one I got signed 4 joing LPU, but I thought I would just throw it on here!):

~>In Toronto, ON Canada @ The Docks on July 24th 2001 .:OZZFEST 2001

~>In Toronto, ON Canada @ The SkyDome on Octorber 20th 2001 .:FAMILY VALUES 2001


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